About KSMoCA

KSMoCA (King School Museum of Contemporary Art) is a contemporary art museum within the walls of a functioning K-8 public school in NE Portland, OR. It is a collaborative project by PSU faculty Lisa Jarrett and Harrell Fletcher who work alongside students from MLK Jr. School and Portland State University’s College of the Arts. The project creates an unusual pairing between early education and internationally renowned artists and their work.

Students at the school learn through experience about museum practice and careers as they are facilitated through the roles of curators, installers, publicists, copywriters, registrars and docents. KSMoCA reimagines the way museums, public schools, and universities shape people, culture, and perspectives by cultivating a space for art to educate within and beyond the classroom.

Each rotating exhibition is presented for two months. The public is welcome to experience the museum by appointment and during selected open hours.