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Art & Power: Restorative Justice

Join us for the first Art & Power of 2019 as we focus on the intersection of art and restorative justice. As a result of systems rooted in white supremacy, people of color and people living in low-income households experience disproportionate levels of discrimination, criminalization and incarceration. How are artists using their practice to interrupt the school to prison pipeline and replace punishment with healing? Come listen to a panel of local artists, Janessa Narciso, Elijah Hasan, and Jesus Torralba, who are using art and their lived experience to engage in restorative justice work in Portland.

Please contact Humberto Marquez Mendez at if you have any questions or need accommodations to fully participate in this program.

About the Artists:

Janessa Narciso is a dot connector, magic believer, and Mama to an 9 year-old ninja warrior. Currently living and working in N Portland, she is a middle school mentor and teaches a life skills and leadership class after-school. In 2015 she joined an arts and open mic collective, Deep Underground (DUG), formed and led by three other women of color. Their work is dedicated to creating spaces that provide a sense of safety and freedom for the black and brown community in this city. Since their formation, DUG has thrown concerts, film screenings, and large scale events. Together, they have also developed youth programming for student-centered groups: "The Freshest Kids" and "Crucial Bonding." Janessa firmly believes in the strength of sisters and community; sees the representation of yourself as art; art as activism; and especially stresses the importance of learning outside of school walls. Eventually, she'd like to bring her daydreams to life and turn her journal(s) into a book while having a home base for youth-driven projects.

Elijah Hasan is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, composer, and writer. He has emerged as one of the region’s most daring and innovative artists. His work knows no boundaries or genres. His films often employ experimental techniques that work to blend complex concepts with powerful, graceful storytelling. As a teaching artist, he has introduced young people to creative filmmaking, photography, and various multimedia disciplines. His hybrid artistic approaches to programming have resulted in transformative impacts on participants as well as their exhibition audiences.

Jesus Adan Torralba is a Chicano Artist based out of Portland, OR also known as his artist name "Heysus." Jesus is owner of Portland Raza clothing brand, Creative director for Global Based, a nightlife Latinx event, and Resident Artist for Redstone Artist Collective, bringing traditional Indigenous practices and Art to incarcerated youth and the community. Jesus has done live painting for Nike at the world headquarters, as well as designed shirts for the Portland Blazers for Hispanic Heritage month. Drawing heavy inspiration from Mexican contemporary culture to create a fresh and culturally fulfilling experience, Jesus dedicates his time to mentoring youth from marginalized communities. His art reflects not only his own experiences, but also those of the people he serves. Through his illustrations, paintings, murals, screen printing, and digital design; Jesus is always trying to find new ways of sharing his vision and creating imagery that speaks to what he has been a witness to through his creations.

Art & Power is RACC’s newest conversation series focused on the experiences of historically underserved communities in the arts to engage in safe and intentional dialogue. These conversations are free and open to the public.