Mentorship Program

The KSMoCA Mentorship program pairs artists and community leaders in a year-long mentorship relationship with students at MLK Jr. School. Mentor-Mentee pairs meet weekly for 1-on-1 creative sessions that are co-directed by the pair. Learn more >>

KSMoCA Student Curatorial Committee

The Student Curatorial Committee is a group of students from MLK Jr School who conduct research about local and non-local artists to inform their work as curators of KSMoCA's MLK Jr Gallery. Learn more >>


Artist Residency

Periodically, we partner with selected contemporary artists who show an interest in a deeper collaborative engagement with MLK Jr. Students through a limited set of artists residencies. In our residency program, artists are invited to develop ambitious co-authored projects that are presented as exhibitions or programs within the museum. Our Artist-In-Residence for 2018-2019 is Darrell Grant.


RECESS! is a KSMoCA graphic design program and studio located inside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School in North East Portland. Learn more >>


Creative Research Centers

Our Creative Research Center classroom partnership program connects institutional community partners with a MLK Jr. School classroom for the duration of the school year. This deep engagement with our community partners allows KSMoCA to expand its reach by extending the resources of local arts institutions to the MLK Jr School community. Learn more >>


Contemporary Art Library

A museum’s role as a cultural institution is to provide opportunities for multiple levels of engagement with a collection. Our Contemporary Art Research Library, housed in MLK Jr.’s school library, allows students to research and understand the artists that resonate with them most. To date, we have incurred over 100 art books for our library through donations from art organizations and private donors.