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Harriet Tubman Center for Expanded
Curatorial Practice

The Harriet Tubman Center for Expanded Curatorial Practice is a project coming out of KSMoCA beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. It is directed by PSU professors Lisa Jarrett and Harrell Fletcher along with support from the PSU Art and Social Practice MFA Program and students and alumni from the PSU School of Art and Design as well as professional curators, artists, arts organizations both locally and internationally. The project works with Harriet Tubman Middle School students each year on a weekly basis. The students will learn about various curatorial approaches that include working with visual art, performance, public art, historical materials, social practice as well as writing and critical assessment of contemporary art and culture. The students will also apply their skills as a curatorial team working on projects at the middle school and various off-site locations. As part of the center’s activities students will meet with visiting curators and will go on field trips to learn about local institutions including the Portland Art Museum, The Historical Society, and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art.