Endangered Species, After Warhol (After 1983)


Work by Lauren Moran with 5th Grade Students, Spring 2016

The U.S. Endangered Species Act passed in 1973, but the Endangered Species List was started in 1966 under an earlier version of the law. This law was meant to protect animals that are at risk of extinction. In 1983 Andy Warhol completed the Endangered Species suite of prints to raise awareness about these at risk animals.

MLK Jr. 5th grade students visited Warhol’s Endangered Species suite from the Jordan D. Schnitzer collection at Portland Art Museum. Inspired by this work, the 5th graders selected animals from the current endangered species list and created silk screen prints in collaboration with Portland artist, Lauren Moran.

Lauren Moran creates interdisciplinary projects that are often participatory, collaborative and co-authored. They aim to experiment with and question the systems we are all embedded in by organizing situations of connection, openness and non-hierarchical learning. They are interested in developing sites for accessibility, collaboration with all different people they meet, and an expanded notion of institutional critique. Lauren has an MFA from the Art and Social Practice program at Portland State University, is a member of the collective Public Annex, and performs experimental music as soft fantasy and p.o.e. They have recently presented work at the Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR), a neighborhood block party (Portland, OR), Greensboro Project Space (Greensboro NC), Abteilung für Alles Andere (Berlin Germany), Art in Odd Places (New York, NY), Disjecta (Portland, OR), Port City Gallery (Portland, OR), and the El Paso Museum of Art (El Paso, TX).

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