A Long Line of Non-Partial Jurors

Ralph Pugay with Ms. Asay’s Middle School Leadership Class, Commissioned by RACC, Spring 2018

A Long Line of Non-Partial Jurors is installed in the temporary pedestrian walkway along the SW Main Street entrance to the Hawthorne Bridge. This public art mural was created collaboratively between Ralph Pugay as the lead artist and middle school students from MLK Jr School in Northeast Portland.

As research for the project, Judge Nan Waller visited MLK Jr. School and spoke with Ms. Asay’s leadership students about her experiences as a judge. Pugay, having never gone through the experience of being a juror for a case, found it interesting to imagine how the process of picking a non-partial jury worked. Pugay and the students drew a collection of characters they thought might be able to judge a case in a non-partial manner. Students’ images were superimposed onto the environment of a courtroom.

The mural is now installed in the construction zone in front of the new courthouse building. It can be viewed along the pedestrian walkway along the SW Main Street entrance to the Hawthorne Bridge until early 2020.

Thank you to the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) for their invitation and support of this project. Special thanks to Kiera Asay, Peggy Kendellen and Judge Nan Waller for their support and enthusiasm.

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